Olympus BX43

Olympus BX43 - world renowned UIS2 optics and operating efficiency for a wide range of clinical applications.

The Olympus BX43 offers an outstanding range of features and optical performance for the clinical market. With an emphasis on the powerful UIS2 optical system and the proven rigid Y-shaped frame coupled with easy-to-operate front controls and unique colour-matched LED brightfield illumination, it offers improved versatility and ergonomic operation. The compact space-efficient frame of the Olympus BX43 enables comprehensive routine work functions with outstanding cost performance, making it an ideal and versatile standalone microscope for standard imaging applications, and also the perfect starting point for digital imaging, motorisation and even fluorescence – it is future-lab-ready so that you can be too.


Key Features


  • True colour LED illumination
  • Various contrast methods
  • Light Intensity Manager
  • Upgradeable with motorised components
  • Magnification and filter read-out
  • Digital imaging platform for a wide range of camera systems